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how to restore marriage and family in America


The Left's ranks are full of revolutionaries, not hypocrites

"Today’s conservatives never stop complaining that leftist politicos are hypocrites...Something much deeper is going on here...  A Christian dealing in sex and drugs and openly worshiping Baal is no hypocrite. He has rejected that creed.

"Today’s Left is much the same... The Left is not hypocritical to its standards: help friends, harm enemies, unequal justice...It is not hypocrisy. It’s a revolution. Resisting it requires seeing it for what it is and convincing our fellow citizens of that fact."

Scott Yenor, Washington Examiner

January 28, 2021

Feminism - What the Critics Miss

"Few grasped the significance of the feminist revolution at its onset. Even today, critics fail to see how feminism modifies dreams, sentiments, religion, mores, marriage, the job market, sex, and nearly everything else. An assessment of what the feminist victory has wrought is long overdue."

Scott Yenor, Modern Age

March 15, 2021

Miserable Women, Purposeless Men

"On the surface, most feminists these days are busy with retail politics, seeking small, incremental but immediate changes to public policy or corporate habits or university policies...But these retail changes are incremental steps toward the accomplishments of a radical feminism—one that seeks to eliminate the differences between men and women and ultimately to abolish the family altogether." 

Scott Yenor, American Mind

April 5, 2021

The Harris-Biden Revolution

"...the Biden-Harris presidency promises not just the usual Democratic fare (e.g., publicly financed abortions and free contraception). They hope for a country where prostitutes are more honored than mothers, where young boys can be castrated, where talk of sex differences is banned as hate speech, where laws sow suspicion between would-be lovers, and where children are encouraged to sexual play. The [Rolling] Revolution will roll on until the American people stop it."

Scott Yenor, American Mind

Oct. 30, 2020

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Build the Family

"...feminist allies, now including Black Lives Matter, blow the smoke of a pernicious ideology that...seeks the family’s destruction. That ideology distracts us from our true problems, while exacerbating them. We must clear the underbrush of anti-family ideologies to address the real problems confronting Americans." 

Scott Yenor, American Greatness

July 19, 2020

Build Family.png

Nature Is Not Enough

"Those who would defend the family cannot simply advocate for policies to address these concerns...  We must also turn back the ideologies that prevent us from noticing the underlying problems or that insist that we view them as blessings of liberty."

Scott Yenor, American Mind

June 25, 2020

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Sex, Gender, and the Origin of the Culture Wars:

An Intellectual History

"There exists no better way of extending the sexual revolution that second-wave feminists imagined than by shaking confidence in the very idea of man and woman...Transgender theories are part of the feminist goal of a sexual revolution that eliminates the proprietary family and celebrates non-monogamous sexual experiences."

Scott Yenor, Heritage Foundation

June 30, 2017

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The Rolling Revolution in Sex and Gender: A History

"Transgenderism: A Branch of Feminism

"...Transgenderism pushed against the door that second-wave feminists opened: it extends the philosophical premises of second-wave feminism and fosters its political project."

Scott Yenor, Public Discourse

July 31, 2017


The Political Character of Marriage and Family Life

" a people translate maleness and femaleness into daily life is a political question...Conservatives have to get smarter about sexual politics."

Scott Yenor, American Mind

March 24, 2020

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The False Science of Feminism

"...these data and more show, there are reasons to suspect that this triumph brings with it great personal discontent—and that discontent is feminism’s weak underbelly."

Scott Yenor, American Mind

September 10, 2020


Sexual Suicide Again

"Porn is a sign of decadence for a great people, not a sign of virtue and health."

Scott Yenor, American Mind

May 19, 2020

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Build families.

Celebrate families.

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