Interviews with Scott Yenor

about The Recovery of Family Life

“Why is the family so important? And is the family of any particular significance in a democratic republic like our own?” asks Nino Scalia. And Scalia says, “Tell us about” the sexual “revolution. What is it a revolt against? And what is this revolution rolling towards? You call it a “rolling revolution.” Scot Yenor responds.

Interview by

Nino Scalia


Interview by Mark Connolly about The Recovery of Family Life and the problems of liberalism. Oct. 10, 2020.

Interview by

Mark Connolly


“There are great human goods that the sexual revolution...seeks to undermine...and the greatest of those goods is love. Love implies that a person will be dependent on another person…[Whereas] feminism, sexual liberation really aim at achieving individual autonomy or individual independence,” explains Scott Yenor.

Interview by

Mark Bauerlein


Interview by Steven Hayward about The Recovery of Family Life, along with some college football and discussion of the state of marriage in America today.

Interview by

Steven Hawyard


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The Recovery of Family Life: Exposing the Limits of Modern Ideologies 

by Scott Yenor (Baylor University Press, 2020)

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