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Interviews with Scott Yenor

about The Recovery of Family Life

On the problems with feminism as well as liberalism.

Plus some Dostoyevsky too.

with Yoram Hazony


What is feminism?

Liberalism is not as "neutral" toward relationships as it claims to be. How should conservatives respond to this?

What is consent?

with Aaron Renn


What is the relationship between feminism and transgenderism?

How does liberalism serve as a "delivery mechanism" for feminism and sexual liberationism?

What is consent?

with Garrett Snedecker


What is the "rolling revolution?" / What is the end goal of feminism and the rolling revolution? Is there one? / Why haven't conservative and traditional institutions done more to stop the transformation of family life? / How can men fight back and help reclaim a healthy, stable, traditional family life?

with Steven & Brian 

Jan. 25, 2021


Scott explains how "retail" (aka "moderate") feminism actually pushes the rolling revolution along, even if just one step at a time.

Nick Jamell: “Margaret Sanger was sort of the AOC of her time.”

with Nick Jamell

Ep. 190


Scott discusses "marital character" (ch. 11) with Titus. How are we raising girls in America? How can we re-introduce consideration of family life into their vision of themselves in the future?  

with Titus Techera

Ep. 30


“Retail" aka moderate "feminism leads into and serves the cause of radical feminism,” argues Scott Yenor.

with Theresa Lane

Ep. 19


“Why is the family so important? And is the family of any particular significance in a democratic republic like our own?” asks Nino Scalia. “Tell us about” the rolling “revolution. What is it a revolt against? And what is this revolution rolling towards?" Scott Yenor responds.

with Nino Scalia

Nov. 9, 2020


In depth discussion of the problems of liberalism. 

with Mark Connolly

Oct. 10, 2020


Is family a "pre-political" or a "post-political" institution?

And why does this distinction matter? Listen to find out.

Dec. 4, 2020

with Andrew Harrod

Dec. 4, 2020


“There are great human goods that the sexual revolution...seeks to undermine...and the greatest of those goods is love. Love implies that a person will be dependent on another person…[Whereas] feminism, sexual liberation really aims at achieving individual autonomy or individual independence.” Scott

with Mark Bauerlein

Nov. 9, 2020


Interview by Steven Hayward about The Recovery of Family Life, along with some college football and discussion of the state of marriage in America today.

with Steven Hayward

Ep. 216


Are you a podcaster who would like to interview Scott?

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