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1.  Our New Family Regime? Introduction

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    Preface and Acknowledgments
    1.  Our New Family Regime

Part 1. The Rolling Revolution

2.  Feminism and the Abolition of Gender
3.  Contemporary Liberalism and the Abolition of Marriage
4.  Beyond Sexual Repression

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Part 2. Curbs on the Rolling Revolution

5. Sexual Difference and Human Life: On the Limits of Feminism
    Postscript to Chapter 5: On the Nature of Moderate Feminism
6. The Problems of Contemporary Liberalism
7. The Problem with Ending Sexual "Repression"

Part 3. The Post-Rolling Revolution World

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8. A Sketch of a Better Family Policy
9. Toward a New, New Sexual Regime
10. Choosing One’s Choice:

      Consent’s Incomplete Guidance for Public Policy
11. The New Problem with No Name
12. Dilemmas of Indirection:

      Maintaining Family Integrity in Late Modernity
13. What Is to Be Said and Done? Conclusion

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